Stepping out there !!!

Had a great time pushing my boundaries of what I believed I can achieve using amateur photographic equipment. Sometimes you just have to take a step out of the comfort zone and go and “just try” I knew of a great location and wanted to produce some fashion shots that I see so many times an wonder crikey I would love to produce work like that it must take an army of gear, people and skill, well I a not so sure… this image above was taken on Nikon D80 with 18-200Vr lens 2 speed nikon lights from Ebay. A fabulous local Model Ellie and her boyfriend Aden my trusty VALS. We had a great time and less than 2 hours to work with as I had to get Ellie and Aden back home for work.
I picked them up from their home drove them 10miles into the fenland and we set up at this windfarm. Just goes to show sometimes you just have to go for it, Ellie stepped in last minute for me as my book model unfortunately has to cancel. ( never mind Natalie we will get to work together soon I am sure ). Ellie had about 15 mins to get ready after rushing home from her day job before I picked them both up. Thanks so much to them for taking the plunge and just finding time for me. Brilliant. Ellie hope you like the results …. I know I do….

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