Models Post processing

Just thought I would do a quick little post on the post processing. From the shoot it was clear that the customer was looking for a high key image, therefor I opted for the quite harsh lighting, the clam shell works well for this sort of lighting. I then imported the nef RAW files in to Apple’s Aperture program, this is my default processor for all my work. Using the boost and exposure sliders I push the exposure to the limits, trying not to blow area’s out to ensure I retain some detail and definition from the background. Once satisfied I opened the image up into the ” Dodge and Burn” plug in and tweaked the exposure down a little to help pull out some more detail in the hair, also in dodge and burn I took the sharpen tool and touched up around the eyes. Closed down and saved I next opened the image up in “portraiture” plug in to clean up the skin and retouch any blemished area’s. saved down again and then finally opened up the image in “silver efx Pro” plug in to apply the BW conversion, Aperture’s default conversion normally does a good enough job at the conversion but I wanted to be able to select area’s and raise and lower the conversion “brighten” if needed. Silver efx Pro allows you to pick points on the image and control just selected area. All done …… send to client and blog. ( well not this image but another for the client !! )

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