ST Salon. Second phase of the 4 girls salon shoot and again went really well, amazing hair and make up ( Thanks Sarah ) amazing models, ( more to follow ) for now this is Courtney.

Strobist: Slightly Different from the las set up Still sort of clam shell, but I used a 43″ unbrellea soft box ( super easy to set up) with Nikon SB26 set to 1/2 power as a shoot through high angles 20deg down and slightly to camera left, SB 600 set at 1/4 power firing into reflector umbrella as previous, low, angled 20 upward and slightly to camera right. I think I prefer the reduce harshens of the light using the soft box shoot through. Trigger wireless with CTR301’s Both about 3 ft from model, background was simplified too for speed of set up and take down, I used a single stand with a 1.5m dia 5 way reflector disc with pure white

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