Strike a pose

Another image from the recent shoot at Simon Taylor’s Salon in Ely. The shot from start to Finish has been a real success. Simon contacted me with a specific requirement for Black and White images as a set of 4 models. The brief was big dramatic hair with a touch of Marie Antoinette “style” thrown in for good measure. Simon organised the hair and make up for the first two models on the first shoot. we have very little time only 2hrs to get the images as we have to work in the evenings. (Out of normal working hrs). I have to say I think the Team at Simon Taylor’s did a fantastic job preparing the girls, they looked stunning. I set up a pure white paper background in the Salon, along with a “clam” shell setup cent
ral to the background. Using two Nikon Speed lights firing wirelessly into 24″ reflectors. One was set up just above head height of the models angled about 20deg down (SB600) and the other set up directly below angled up at 20deg (SB26). I planned to shoot though the “gap” left in the middle of the two umbrellas. I decided to go with the Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 as I had plenty of room for the focal length.

Both speed lights were set to manual and on wireless triggers. ( CTR 301’s) After making a few adjustments to the position and to the camera settings for ISO, aperture we were up and running. I think I took a total of 70 shots for both models. Within such a short space of time we were able to achieve a look that Simon
was happy with. We wrapped up for the evening and I too the raw files and set about post processing. Overall I am very impressed with the achievements of all involved. From conception to finished results if was a great shoot and really enjoyed by all involved. Hey and we get to do it all over again soon for the next to models. I would like to thank Simon and his team for creating an environment for a fantastic and successful shoot. Looking forward to the next one.

Strike a pose a photo by Simon Peckham on Flickr.

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