Push Process project

Ok here I go on my next mini project, the next 10 images have been taken with my new and utterly fantastic 85mm f/1.8 lens that I am sure will remain bolted to the front of my D80 for a long while .
I was lucky enough to stumble on an exhibition last week of an ex Fleet Street photographer working in London in the 60”s 70”s and 80”s.
Mr Bill Zygmant was displaying images from his specialized chosen subject of famous people from those times in Pop,Film and Tv of the times. It was a wonderful exhibition and some of the images have inspired my next project. One image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono was of particular inspiration, not particularly of the content oddly enough But more of the images quality and feel. I have investigated from trial and error on my own work trying to re-create this look and the closest I can get to is to apply a filter in Black and white of a process called “push”. I have since discovered this particular process was used in film development to help develop images that may have been over exposed during the image creation in the camera, the “push” process increases contrast and depth, but on viewing these images the contrast gains are contradicted in “grain” and “noise”.
Although in todays digital standards where the war is waged on noise by having ever higher ISO’s to work with and striving to find the “sharpest” lens and body it struck me that the images taken by Bill and I assume also processed by him have a deep and earthy feel to them. This appealed to me. The John and Yoke images also has a mysterious almost ethereal appearance that portrayed an odd sadness to prominent members of society that have enriched our lives in some way and are sadly no longer with us.
This set me to thinking how can turn this into a mini project that would allow me to explore this look and feel of ethereal sadness and express it through images. I took 2 – 3 hrs walk around Ely’s cemeteries, the results will be shown in the image shown here and for the next 9 images to see if I can capture and achieve my goal. I therefore ask for your help.
If you happen upon these images I ask that you take some time to summarize how they make you feel.
I will attached the above blurb to each image so that I can repeat the request through out the series. Many thanks in advance to all that comment.
Apologies also in advance to any reference that I have made that is incorrect or inaccurate about the “push” process. I am a digital only guy and never had the pleasure of developing my own film, so if I have got it wrong please feel free to correct me, its all learning. If you want to see the up and coming images they will be posted on my Flickr stream Here

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