Invent new forms of photography …. na not possible …or is it ?

I was loosing sight of something to excite my photography so last week i decided to do something a little off track and set myself a tast of making some images but instead of looking for the “tack sharp” shot with wonderful creamy background I should focus on defocusing the camera, 6 images into my De focus project 6-10, and i can tell you this project has really inspired me in ways had had not thought before. Take this image and view it from a distance, it is perfectly clear that its an image of a person sitting in a park on a bench enjoying the autumn sunshine. However the closer you view the image the more difficult is becomes to identify. This is interesting. I encourage you try it for yourselves. down load Park life and the previous image in my stream “carbon friendly” and view them full screen on your monitor. better still get it printed 20×30. then take steps back from 1ft and see how much clearer the image becomes, its like a sort of Monet Photography effect and this is now something I want to explore in more detail. Imagine how this effect could be exploited in an exhibition. Good eh !!
So from now on I am going to call this a “monetograph”
You saw it here first !!! more of this to come a few more here  Monetographs

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