Apple Tv ……. Not interested …….until one feature arrived

Apples revamp of the “hobby” Apple Tv has bee revamped  it’s now tiny and works as a rental model only. Connecting to you Mac or Pc for all your music video and imagery so that it can be displayed on your tv. Cool ….. But while watching Steve Jobs tell me about it I was not really interested in buying one well not until the very end of the presentation in spoke about airplay on the iPad. This is genius I will soon be able to stream from my iPad direct to my Tv. Arrh at last an easy and simple way to walk in to my house to view my latest shoot or batch of images I have taken. This is such a good feature this alone for me makes the £99.00 price tag worth the money. Just imaging too this Apple tv is so tiny you will be able to take it with you to your customer plug in an hdmi cable to their flat screen (assuming of course they have a flat screen tv in the first place) and sit with them while you view and select their favourite shots from the shoot. This is brilliant and I can’t wait to get one and try it out. I will post some result and a little review when I do 

(Credit: Apple)

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