Sepia… Why I like it !!

I often choose to represent a photo or two in sepia, and I started to think why? For most people sepia seems connected with old Victorian photography this is simply due to the type of photographic technology that was available at this time. But for me sepia provides a timeless images that does not seem to suffer the issues of fashion that a colour image can. I would imagine that if most of us look back 10-20 Years of our own family photos most would be having a laugh or in horror at the fashion we would have been wearing that that time, either e styles, patterns or colours creating a “dated” look and feel. Ok look back at the 60’s and some would say that the imagery of that time is now regarded as cool looking and in fact imitated with a number of photo filter affects. But the sepia range seems to provide a real sense of non change. A true capture of a moment no matter how far back we can look sepia seem to stay the same age, images seem unaffected by fashion. 14 years ago long before I became interested in photography my wife and I had some professional shots of my daughter Charlotte. We purchased a number of great shots and had the foresight to choose 2 that would be printed in sepia. For the first year or two after the shoot the wonderful images of my little girl lived on the walls of our house, but after a while these shots started to date all but the sepia.  Over the years and as my daughter grew up she would flatly refuse to have to have the colour photos on the wall as they looked so dated. However 14 years on the sepia shots are still providing great joy of my daughter age 4 with no hint of ageing. So for me sepia post processing is a must if you want to future proof your prints use on the walls of your house. Print some and pop them up on the walls of your house and just make a note of the comments you will receive from friends and family and you will still get them in 20 years time. Enjoy.

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