iPad app review. Blogshelf

If like me your a lover of blog reading your in for a treat. Blogshelf is a great app. It's always been a bit of a pain seating and storing your favourite blogs.

Well blog shelf takes all that pain away and presents an almost perfect way to search and store your blogs. Check out this front page photo of the app. Cool eh. Using the same tech as Apple's iBooks this app stores all your blogs in very much the same way. Tapping the subscribe button spins the shelf round to provide a well thought out and easy to use feature display showing popular blogs and categories for you to pic from.

If you don't find your particular blog, no problem you can just write the address straight into the search bar and bingo your favourites appear. Once subscribed the shelf flicks back round to show you all your favourites in a neat book shelf form.

Beautifully designed and presented. Is is a lovely app and one of the best I have found for blog reading. If your into blog in a big way and need to feed and read then pop along to the app store and down load. You will not be disappointed.

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