iPad …… I finally bought one …. Review

Yep last Saturday I walked into the Apple store in the Grand Arcade in Cambridge and walked out with my 32Gb 3G iPad. Why ….. I can’t give a better reason than I just wanted one, that’s not really a good answer it’s a significant purchase and in a recession one that should be taken with some consideration and reason …..

So why did I buy the iPad after trying to resist for a while…. I don’t know and I was not able to really justify myself in making the purchase. I decided simply that I should treat myself and that was it …… So after owning the iPad for also most a week can I justify it now ? Well yes , how come …. To put it simply this device is amazing and it really is magical. It reminds me of when I made that ” switch ” from windows to Apple almost 6 years ago. The iPad gives me the very same pleasure and fascination of how simple accurate fast stable and delightful computing work can be.
What make this so….. Well the iPad does not do things like a computer it’s not a computer, laptop or a net book it’d s media collection and connection device. It’s what is does.
The Web.
To put it plainly it “shrinks” the vast internet into something infinitely more useful and creates an environment where you can access the information from the web that best suits you. Let’s not forget however that it’s not just Apple that has created this event of genius Apple has provided an engineering marvel that allows others ( developers ) to create amazing applications to “tame” the vast universe of information that is the Internet. In the 4 days I have owned he iPad I have purchased two dozen incredible apps. From news feeders, photo apps, blogging, dictionary, encyclopaedic trawling and games. Most are stunning and provide me with a very rich Internet selection completely tailored to meet my personal taste. I get this information packaged in beautifully designed environments that have tools to enhance the taming of of the media it has collected for me.
The media.
The other side to this device is it’s ability to supply me with a rich, accurate and joyful way to show and display my digital world that I have created on my Macs over the last 6 years. Music, photography ( mainly ) video , email, and networking.
Showing my photographic images a joy on the bright screen. Then sharing them into a number of Shop windows not to the web is simple and easy.

So I can go back to the first line of this post and say ” I gave in and bought an iPad ….why ”
Well …. Because this device fills a gap that has been missing for a long time. Tuned to provide the user with a tool to make you use the best of the best of the digital world many of us now function within, in a form factor that is simply the most amazing piece of engineering design and function that I have ever used.

Would I recommend one to my friends ….yes but only to the ones that are living the digital world. The others simply would not understand just why you would spend so much money and time on a piece of glass with some electronics inside.

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