I have been considering what iPad I should go for and been investigating the data plans for the iPad 3G version, stubbled across this report in the Times today. Its clear we may be heading for a bum deal, iPad 3G will ONLY work in the UK NO INTERNATIONAL ROAMING.
Check it out here.
This is a real bummer and unless they sort it quickly I will stick with the WiFi version only, oh and it gets worse, the “free” subscription to the data carriers WiFi networks are UK ONLY too …. What use it that ……. This is Pants ….. come on coms industry have some vision, stop ripping us off here in the UK and give us good cheap access to the internet and let us roam with it ….. its why the damn iPad was invented, its a media consuming device …… so get creative and find some other ways of making money from it ……
Sadness fill’s my air ……

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