Abandoned delights

Every now and again you find the odd gemstone that provides some new inspiration and subject to work from, finding an abandoned building and out buildings this weekend was particularly rewarding. I have been driving the same route to work for nearly 5 years, things pass me by I sometimes take little notice of my surrounding, as you head to the normal humdrum route to work its amazing to sometimes take a little more notice of your surroundings, this is one of the fascinating things being a photographer has taught me, now always on the look out for new things so take photos of, I noticed off the main road a building in the distance, today I decided to investigate. With my gear in headed out up the abandoned driveway to find this old railway house and outbuildings. I spent over 3 hours in the building and its surrounding out buildings drinking from the rich media. read on for more information and images 

In the main building it was a little disappointing at first, much of the property had been vandalized, as to be expected I guess, however looking a little harder it became clear there would a number of good shots up for grabs, the decay and damage was well worth the time trying to capture, ripped wall paper broken windows smashed wood staircase, all great stuff for photography.

There were many more shots of the inside and too many to post hear, I will up load to my website and paste in a link if you want to see more.
The out buildings would just a interesting, finding cobweb covers shoes, cotton reels, rusty electrical equipment, nuts and bolds, with the sun breaking through the broken glass windows is all added to creat some wonderful still life photography. 

This electrical box was great, really rich reds in the rust making for a cool shot.

Out in another shed nearby an old workbench was lit from time to time with dappled light from the broken window, providing wonderful natural light to shoot with. I must go back for more or find another sometime soon.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned delights

  1. Hi Simon- this looks like an interesting place :)Thanks for visiting my blog :)In answer to your question re my promo cards-I design them myself and then I get them professionally printed from a fabulous company in Australia! Limited edition promos for short runs I get them printed by my professional photographic lab.Hope that helps.

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