Photographers that Inspire me on Flickr yes Flickr.

Every once in a while you come across some amazing imagery on the wonder site that is flickr. Flickr provides us a window into to the lives of some super talented and inspiring people. Ok some of the work you have to trawl through can get a little tedious with similar images being posted, but lets face it there are somewhere in the region of 5000 images uploaded every single second of the day so there are about to be “like” images however one in a while you will come across an image that just blows you away, it may be a particular shot with content that is appealing to you or is some some technical edge that grabs you attention and sometimes is just the shear wow factor that draws you in.

One particular area that I am currently learning and trying hard to master is Strobist work, this is where the photographer uses off camera flash lights to light a particular scene, I have been working with strobes for a while and mainly in internal situations, I use them for my portrait work with good effect and they replace in most cases large studio type lighting, however one area eludes me, mainly because I have not yet build up the courage to take my strobes into the street for low light self portraits, one or two Flickr members and I am sure there are more seem to have overcome this fear and mastered “street strobing”.
For me I regard two of the best that I have found so far are Ben Brown and you can find his Flickr stream HERE, and his website HERE, and the Dustin Diaz you can find his stream HERE and one of his websites HERE, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, their work for me offers inspiration both technically and visually, both are masters of the off camera lighting. Its for sure as sometime in the near future I will take the plunge and take my strobes out for some street work and try similar shots. 

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