16 Inspirational Portrait idea’s

I often challenge myself to break from the common garden portraits and try to experiment at the end of a shoot with some more creative portrait shots, with a little help from a model some great new angles and looks can be achieved, having tried out a few myself with some varying results I see that I am not the only one having similar thoughts, Here is a great article on just the same subject, putting together 16 great ways to help take a different view on portraits, some are challenging but they are impressive in the results. It has certainly made me continue to experiment whenever I can get the chance. This image is taken from a recent shoot that I had done for a hair Salon in my city “Simon Taylor’s” At the end of the shoot I took a couple of highly over exposed shots. During post processing I choose a monochrome filter with a bias to the red, this provided a great blown out images in the whites but still retained some detail, I have to admit it took a while to obtain the correct settings but I am happy with the results. It certainly makes for a great looking and different portrait style. I will try this again on the next shoot. Oh and my thanks to Simon Taylor and his team of models and hair stylists for allowing me the time to experiment. Congratulations too Simon on the success of being accepted into the regional finals for the L’Oreal Colour Trophy, I am sure it was the photography that did it for you ;-).

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