Nikon SB600 Speedlight to Softbox Adaptor Tutorial

I have decided to write about the fitting I have just made so the I could attach my SB600 Speed-Light to my softbox. To Start I made a card template to the correct size of the fixing ring on the softbox.

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Next I used the template to cut out the same shape from any suitable plastic you have to hand, I use some cut off piece I had found in work, I guess it could have been from MDF if needed.
Next I drilled some through holes so that I could relocate the existing screws from the softbox ring fixing.
Next I drill a hole that would be in the correct position to allow the fixing of a pin that is the same diameter as the hole on my mounting bracket for the standard umbrella stand.
The pin was fixed with a 5mm counter sunk screw through the plastic. 
Next I mounted the new bracket to the softbox mounting ring  using the existing screws. 

The height of the pin has to be positioned correctly and well depend on the type of speedlight you have and the wireless trigger that you use. I have the CTR301 E-bay poverty wizards. 

Once all in position you can now easily mount the SB600 and using the screws in the softbox ring align the screws to center the SB 600 and prevent the softbox from rotating in the umbrella pin.

This unit has worked well so far and can be used with the softbox in both portrait and landscape positions however this requires the removal of the bracket and reposition 90 deg around the ring, its a pain but its useful.

So there we have it a quick DIY speed light soft box adaptor.
If you need more information please just e-mail me for further instructions and advice.

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