Frozen Fields tips on Sunset Photo’s

Out over at Whelney Wild life…. to catch the setting sun, the frozen fields were stunning, at the water moved it was cracking sounds breaking the silence, Somedays photography just all comes together, this was one of them, a great start to 2010 for my landscape photography. Landscapes have been a burden for me, I am still learning to capture great shots and be happy about the ones I almost get right. The moments over the sun going down were simply breathtaking but its hard to believe you have very little time to work with, the sun is setting so fast, just minutes to get the shot, so advice for sunsets, get there in plenty of time, select you best compositional point early, I took a number of shots before deciding where to set up tripod camp!. But once this has been established just enjoy the moment and snap away, I also used a remote (wired) shutter release helping to maintain camera stability and prevent any camera moment that may result in unsharp images. Also for me I am still leaning the best method for the control of noise, do I head for relatively short shutter open times and higher ISO’s or leave the shutter open longer and drop the ISO, I guess it all depends on the final image your looking for, For example, if this evening had good cloud cover, the option of low ISO medium aperture and longer exposure would have resulted in a cool version of this shot where the clouds would have had a motion blur as they travelled by, but I guess I will leave this for another day.

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