The Site Set up from Thursday, 12 March 2009 (website)

Hi, Well I have taken the plunge and set up this website to promote myself as a professional photographer and to possibly attract a little business along the way. 
Setting up the website was relatively easy, I use Apple Mac equipment, both mobile and Desktop, with this I have the pleasure of being able to use a program call iWeb, Available free with all new Mac’s, its a Web publishing program that is for complete numpties like me. Is it easy to use and publish a web site …hell yes, I have been working with iWeb from scratch and in less that 12 hours I have been able to set up all these pages and publish them. Does it meet all my needs, well about 90% of them, it does most things really well, setting the blog is a no brainer, setting the pages and adding content, photo’s txt, graphics tiffs movies is all really simple and intuitive to work out. Publishing is just the push of a button assuming you have aMobileMe account. £59 per year and your done. Access to modify the site is simple easy and quickly, and can all be done off line using iWeb I have had 4 versions published of the complete site in as many days, (Thankfully I have settled with the current layout so i will stop playing for now).
So what are the draw backs, well the first one for me is the ridiculously long Url string that will me given when you publish without a forwarding domain name, (I’ll get to that in in minute), my Url in MacMe terms is this., yes a whopper and not at all friendly, but as normal Apple have thought about this and they explain that you can register your very own “Domain Name” and then using the the Domain Name suppliers control panel direct you domain name to my published Apple site. As you can see I have managed to achieve this also and all in 4 days !! Cool eh. Is it hard “no” is it expensive “no”. 
So how is it done, I registered my name at it was a whopping £9.99 for 2 years, once this has been accepted and you need to allow 24 hrs before it “goes live” you get access to a control panel this allows you to add a forwarding url that you wish to make your domain name redirect to, and that’s it. What else do we need ?. Is it worth spending a few hours setting this up and getting to grips with iWeb, thats a resounding yes assuming you have a Mac, if you have PC, I cant comment, I use windows in my “day job” but never looked into web publishing with it, good luck !

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