Strobist off camera first days Saturday, 14 March 2009

I have recently started working with off camera flash, or now more commonly know as Strobe lighting. The above shot was taken with my Nikon SB600 flash unit mounted on a 3ft long aluminum pole. I held the camera in one hand and the strobe in the other, it took a little while to set the camera and strobe settings and the above shots far from perfect but its not a bad attempt at this type of high speed work.
The set up was to remove the trucks of my sons standard skateboard and have him jump on out trampoline in the back garden. The idea was to see if we could make him look like a snowboarder. I think we got there !
The Strobe is just fabulous for stopping the action, It takes a little practice to balance everything but you only need one or two to fall into place and I soon got the idea. 
The Web is just full of information from other “strobist’s” and I must mention the fantastic “” site run buy Mr Strobist himself David Hobby. His site as been a fabulous source of learning for me and a real inspiration to move away from tradition on camera flash work. The photos that I have produced to date admittedly need some improvement, But the creative side of this type of photography has really opened some doors in my imagination, so thanks Dave and to everyone over at
This is one of my recent favorites, taken in the Cambridgeshire Fens on an evening that blessed me with a spectacular sunset and allowed me to create this interesting “double” lit shot, the SB600 lighting the way with the shed and the sun providing the wonderful orange tinge for the turbine. 
I am soon to set up a shoot for a friend who would like to have some moving shots of his classic 1976 Corvette, So i need to make a rig for the Strobe and a device for hanging the camera out if the back of my car. I will make an entry or two on the project and let you know how I get on.

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