Starting online version of my website blog

Well I hope this will replace my rather dull and difficult to manage website blog, the problem I have its that I am using iWeb for my site design, although iWeb is fantastic for creative site design its not the best for blogging, I can list a few problems.
  • Need to be at home and in the iWeb app to write a blog, this is a little restrictive.
  • The blog pages are a little hard to get on with when adding images and multiple images in a single blog, there are some templates but I have not found them intuitive and its hard to format multiple images, this is probably an operator error on my part.
  • iWeb does not have the ability to “link” from other web apps such at Flickr Facebook twitter and the like, so I find myself having to do things twice over to publish daily activity I wish to share with easy.
  • I use a PC in work and have an hour for lunch, this is wasted blogging time, Ok so I really should demand my employer buys me a Mac but hey this is the UK !!
So we shall see if I can make this work and that I can share some of my photography thoughts and ideas, successes and failures ( not many) so that I can start to give back to the community that has taught me all i know, from fantastic sites such as , , etc
Wish me luck !!
oh and this is ME

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