MobileMe / DotMac Website issues OLD Tuesday, 17th March 2009

Found out today that all of the E-mail me buttons on my site are default to a .Mac account, This is not good as the whole thing is set up with a MobileMe account so my actual address should be and not clearly a bug in the old version of iWeb that does not flush through with made the change to MobileMe. I am quite sure I have not lost millions of £’s in potential revenue so I don’t think I will making a big thing about it. So I had to find a work around, I trawled through the never ending app files trying to find a script that I might be able to modify. Not able to find one, so next best thing was to delete all the old “button” that was directing the masses of visitors to my site to an un-registered Email account, cool NOT, so then set about making my own button, this took all of 6 mins to work out how to get the button to work with an external link to generate the E-mail, I also found the existing Tiff for the mail logo, copied and pasted it to a new location so that I could add the background image to my new button. pasted in a new link URL to the correct E-mail address and thats it, so just need to check its working from another computer in the morning. Oh the joys of trying to set up a Website, fast learning required !!  I will let you know if its working, better still If but some miracle someone is reading these blogs you could test a button at the bottom of the page and let me know your thoughts. 
Another update to the site is that I have now included a “comment” area to my blog so that if you so wish you can leave a comment, be it good or bad or if you want to ask a question.

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