HDR with Fujifilm XE1

I have not produced any suede HDR images for a while. I’m not a huge fan of HDR in colour and I don’t think I am particularly good at producing them, but since starting in photography and in particular since changing from Nikon to Fuji-film and been re invigorated with my Photography I have experimented more with this particular genre. I do however find it rather hard to get a good balance of the depth of contrast vs saturation vs realism, it’s not easy to get right. I very rarely take exposure bracket shots either so it adds to the challenge. I have used Nik HDR-Pro to generate these images I highly recommend this software simple to use even with its extensive library of presets and tuning. Let’s start with some London images from a few weekends ago.


Quite a few of these I published in my last post so you have a direct comparison. (more…)

Back to London street photography with my Fujifilm XE1

We headed back to London last weekend. We tried last year to walk over the O2 dome but it was cancelled. Take two this weekend.

I need to get the bad parts out of the way sadly and extremely disappointingly I was not able to take my Fujifilm XE1 up and over with me …..arrhhhhh. So I had to take my pointless iPhone 4. Waste of time. This shots were terrible. I will not be posting any. So a apart from having a really great time climbing over the O2 what else made the weekend enjoyable. (more…)

Fujifilm X-E1 Photography ..Unlocking the locks.

I have been side tracked from my one camera one lens photography journey with holidays and some professional photography work with the Fujifilm X-E1 but I am now back on track.
We spent last weekend re visiting a place called Foxton Locks nr Market Harborough. We first visited last year but were disappointed to find the stunning sequence of 10 locks had been drained for maintenance. Bummer, so returning this time in the height of summer was real treat with some surprises and a very pleasurable weekend. Foxton locks is a relatively famous set of 10 locks split briefly into two sets of 5 with a passing pond. I took the usual kit my Fujifilm X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 lens and two batteries. The only other items I have in my bag these days is my Pixi tripod and a 10stop filter.

I have chosen to post process in black and white. I don’t really have a preference, colour over black and white or vice versa, for me some this images seem to choose.